What We Saw Along The Yasawa Islands

Every island of Fiji is unique and has a story. We planned out our trip to hit a few different islands to get a range of fun and relaxing experiences. We flew into Nadi Airport, where we stayed on that main island for the first couple of days at the Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa. There we had a private beach and local restaurants we could walk to and get a real locals experience. We were even invited into a local Kava Ceremony—it’s a ritual in all Fijian villages where families and friends come together daily to drink the intoxicating, mouth-numbing drink. 

Our second island stop was Beachcomber, also known as “Party Island.” Thinking we were arriving on an island with non-stop parties, shots, and booze cruises… We were rudely awakened that we had been dropped off on “hostel island” (as the one boat of the day drives off in the distance) and we discover we’re kind of like the chaperones for the next 48 hours. At least that’s how we felt as the oldest people on the island that were worried about things like mosquitoes and food that resembled food. Thank goodness for Pringles in the front office shop!

The water around the island seemed like the safest place to be. No mosquitoes for one. And a place away from all the “kids” (who we friended later and drinking under the table!). But the water was a place of solace. A soothing place from the sun and sweat. And some of the best scuba diving we have ever done. Yes, we trusted the scuba equipment on “Party Island!”

Clownfish, blue starfish…Yes! BLUE starfish! Vivid orange, pink, and purple coral engulfed our excited eyes. It was incredible. We swam at least halfway around the island excited to see more colors and more clownfish dancing among the anemones. Seriously, they are the cutest fish I have ever seen! 

We survived the dive. We survived Beachcomber Island. And we were rewarded with our final island stop; the Blue Lagoon. The locals taught us about the “tree of life,” the palm tree. We attended daily Kava Ceremonies and “movie night” on the island was Dirty Dancing projected on a sheet hanging between two palm trees under the stars one night. It was magical. It was an adventure. It felt like home. We saw a lot… but there’s more to see in all the islands of Fiji. Yet another reason to plan another trip there! 

blue starfish.jpg