Raindrops and Rainbows

Rain is often that annoyance or added stress in a typical day. It’s also that thing that can ruin an event or a vacation day…However, that was not the case during our 48-hour excursion over to Kauai during one of our trips to Maui. We were venturing beyond our go-to happy vacation place to check out another magical Hawaiian island. We arrived to Kauai sunshine which quickly turned to a deliciously maddening rainfall during our car ride from the airport to our hotel. Warm raindrops and swaying palm trees greeted us as we drove up to the Westin in Princeville…  

Pineapple rum welcome drinks along with a tropical flower scent in the air, you can’t help but fall in love with Kauai…even when it’s raining. We checked in, enjoyed the storm and a couple beers from the balcony of our room, and ventured out for dinner when the rain died down a bit. Per the hotel recommendation, we went to Hanalei Dolphin, a local’s sushi restaurant that welcomed us like we were Friday Night Date Night regulars. Amazing food. Amazing vibe. A must visit when in Kauai. We enjoyed hanging out there with another warm sake until our cab arrived and we called it a night.

The next day would be similar as our first; some sun, some rain…some rum, no pain. We took a drive to visit the Kilauea Lighthouse. Even with the cloudy skies teasing us again with impending rain, we still believed we’d make the walk down to the lighthouse and back before the next storm would open up. But as the giant, warm raindrops splashed our shoulders and faces, we picked up our flip flops and started to run the rest of the way, laughing as the rain puddles danced along our bare feet. At the lighthouse you can walk around and learn the history of the place. And as we did that, the rain decided to go away so that a rainbow could come out and play. It arched from either side of the lighthouse, confirming we were supposed to be there at that very second on that very day. 

Sometimes rain adds to a moment in time. It sure did for our memories of Kauai. All of that rain is what makes that island so green and leaves on trees as big as me (seriously, visit Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge and you’ll see!). It’s what makes the air smell like plumeria and hibiscus, and the ocean water feel like silk. And doesn’t a little rain make you appreciate the sunshine even more?